Transforming gyms and recreational centres with high tech

Transforming gyms and recreational centres with high tech

As with many digital trends, the COVID-19 pandemic has precipitated a surge in personal fitness tech adoption. An explosion in apps, wearable devices, and digitally-enabled devices has allowed individuals to track their productivity, weight, and health.

Today, people expect their local gym not just to have the latest, cleanest equipment but the latest, most innovative gear. Whether publicly owned or privately run, many gyms and fitness centres are already investing in new equipment to satisfy consumers’ demands. Those who are adapted to a technological change are likely to gain a more significant market share and thus draw returning visitors.

For hundreds of municipalities across the country, providing gyms, fitness, and recreation facilities is an essential public service in their communities. This is particularly relevant in times of a pandemic when people’s mental and physical well-being is in danger.

Given the pace at which the technology is currently developing, it is likely that the uptake will continue. The next steps could be the installation of parking garages for electric vehicles, as well as intelligent parking management systems. As municipalities look to invest in newer fitness and wellness infrastructure that will help make it more effective and attractive for communities, funding arrangements may offer the flexibility needed to keep up with an ever-changing curve, working within the constraints of the budget.

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