Why You Need A Collapsible Bike

Why You Need A Collapsible Bike

Like all bikes, collapsible bikes promote a greener lifestyle, plus, they are just plain fun. What makes them truly great is they can adapt to so many different aspects of the modern lifestyle, accompanying you through everyday life, but also a sea holiday or visit overseas. A bike that can fold down to a compact size has obvious advantages when it comes to transport and storage, which is why folding bikes are popular amongst the commuting public.

Simply because being able to fold a bike, making it a much smaller size, as well as making this bike a good choice for those with limited space, either in their homes or their workplaces. 

No, you are not going to get the super compact folding dimensions you would with a 16- or 20-inch wheel bike, but the bike still packs much smaller than the conventional bike, easily fitting in a bike trunk.

If you are looking to ride an extra mile, you could choose a folding bike such as a brompton electric with a full-sized wheel, or go for a bike with 20 wheels with a higher gearing range. If you are planning on riding on dirt, then a folding fat bike with 4 inch tires could flatten a rough path.

Folding bikes are good for longer rides, but smaller wheels and limited gearing make the bike harder for longer trips. One of the more noticeable differences in riding a folding bike with smaller wheels than on a larger bike is how well it handles potholes and slick pavement in urban areas.

Bikes with smaller wheels do not travel smoothly through the bumps, but are faster to speed up, more stable at slower speeds, and nimbler through small spaces. Most folding bikes use 20-inch wheels, which will make sure that it collapses down to manageable size, and remains relatively lightweight for commutes or transit. If your primary goal for a folding bike is to commute, then the best option would be one that has smaller wheels, between 16-20, that are allowed on various forms of transportation as carry-on luggage.

Folding bikes are smaller, and once folded, you can carry it into an office or onto public transportation, and they are easier to store in tight living spaces. 

Folding bikes can go everywhere, so getting around public transportation is easier with one. You can carry one on any public transport with no hassle, and also, when buses or trains are full, you will want that extra space a folding bike provides.

If you are taking a bus or the subway, and have to take a little hike from your final stop to your office or shop, a foldable bike could make that distance feel a bit more manageable.

People are choosing folding bikes because the ride to work could be done partially by bicycle, partially by transit. Not only can they be carried hand-over-hand, but folding bikes are also easier to transport into the boot of your car or into an overhead bin of an airplane. Folding bikes are also easily stored in the trunk of your car, a safety plus, too, should you have to leave your vehicle for an extended period.

Folding bikes are available in many shapes and sizes, but most feature distinct, smaller wheels (typically 16 or 20 inches), lower handlebars, and upright riding positions, meaning that they can comfortably be driven while wearing both casual clothes and office attire. Folding bikes may also be easier for smaller riders to manage, if they are overpowered on standard bikes.

While you will not get the speed at the top (or top-end handling) of classic road bikes or hybrids, folding bikes do have that zippy-fast feeling that we cannot get enough of — particularly while riding through stop-and-go urban streets.

Folding bikes are designed to be folded down to a compact size, making them easy to carry around public transportation or into cars, as well as to be stored inside with minimal fuss — often even underneath peoples desks throughout the workday. Folding bikes are affordable, virtually theft-proof, they save money, make friends, and you can carry them anywhere.

If you are getting started in biking, then buying a regular-sized bike with an easier riding position is probably the best choice. Another reason why you should get a folding bike is because you get good exercise. Another benefit the wheels and the compact size of the foldable bicycle offer is added agility and maneuverability, which is useful in those instances where you have to weave through stopped traffic.

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