Facts on Desexing & Grooming Dogs

Facts on Desexing & Grooming Dogs

Follow these six valuable tips for caring for a dog after he is neutered or spayed, and you will be guaranteed a quick recovery. In Perth, Desexing your dog is the best step to help cut down on the total number of unwanted births, which can overwhelm shelters and rescues. In addition, spaying or neutering may reduce specific health risks to dogs, whether female or male.

In addition to decreasing roaming behaviour in male dogs, neutering often, although not always, helps to decrease or eliminate unwanted behaviours, such as lifting legs and mounting where, as this can influence a male dog’s tendencies toward developing conditions like arthritis and ligament injuries, but studies are still being conducted to determine whether there is sufficient evidence of this to alter our spay/neuter protocols. These surgeries can be performed on several months old puppies, and dog owners should check with their vets to determine the best age for their pets to have their spays or neuters. No matter when you decide to get the spay or neuter surgery done, ensure that your dog receives a thorough physical examination, including bloodwork, before surgery to ensure that there are no existing medical problems.

Blow drying a dog after washing at home

In all cases, bathing should be off limits to your dog until they are recovered fully from the surgery. Yes, even brushing is off-limits as long as your dog is recovering from the procedure. Owners mostly do dog grooming in Perth since it will be necessary to bathe your dog. If they have some skin conditions, it may be beneficial to wash them frequently.

When bathing, it is essential to use a shampoo that is designed specifically for pets and is best applied first to the hands and then massaged into the dogs’ coat, not directly on the skin, because doing so may cause skin irritation for some individuals. Depending on how much mud you have to get rid of, you may want to pat or brush your dog’s coat with a wet washcloth, wipes, or grooming brush. If you need to clean just one specific area, like your dog’s face or their feet, stay with that one area until your dog has healed up after the neutering procedure. If you forget to make an appointment for the spay in advance, you may even want the vet to give the dogs the spay.

You may even want to schedule a grooming appointment before the pet has surgery. If it is a dog who only needs shampooing and comb-up, you are already getting your dog more comfortable doing that at home. You can ensure the ears are cleaned properly, that we are not getting soap in our eyes, and that it is not too stressful for your pet. There is no harm in doing this kind of grooming at home.